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Bankruptcy Petitions: Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C. helps clients to file Bankruptcy petitions and discharge consumer’s debts, obligations and judgments. The assistance of a professional and knowledgeable lawyer will make the process less tense and more efficient.

New York Divorce and Family Law    – Family Law articles »
Negotiate and Draft Pre-Nuptial, Nuptial, and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can play an important role in protecting your rights either before or during marriage. This agreement can save you time and money in the event of a divorce. Olga Suslova  specializes in preparation, review, and negotiatiation of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, which are simply security measures.

Represent Clients in Contested and Uncontested Divorces: Filling for a divorce could be a complicated and stressful process. Olga Suslova, as an experienced lawyer, will represent the client in court, as well as offer knowledgeable guidance. It is my goal to help the client obtain the divorce and receive fair and equitable treatment.

Fast Divorces If the Spouse is Absent: Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C. help the client to obtain fast divorce, even in a case when the spouse is absent. There are certain procedures and guidelines that have to be followed before attaining the divorce. Olga Suslova will guide the client through the necessary procedures in an expeditious manner.

Spousal Support: Spousal support is the payments or transfers of money or assets from one spouse to another. It’s designed to provide the lower-income spouse with money for living expenses over and above the money provided by child support.  Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C. help  clients to negotiate the spousal support and obtain the most suitable result.

File Petitions and Represent Clients in All Family Court Proceedings: Filing petitions and going through court procedures could be a very stressful process.  Olga Suslova helps the client to file petitions and represent him/her in all family court proceedings. The assistance of a professional and knowledgeable lawyer will make the process less tense and more efficient.

Provide Advice and Assistance in Adoption Proceedings: Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C.  will provide professional advice and assistance in adoption proceedings. There are myriad nuances and laws that have to be followed when adapting a child. As a result, the assistance of an expert is necessary in order to comply with all regulations.

Child Support, Custody and Visitation: Decisions regarding the custody, visitation and support of your children will be perhaps the most difficult you will have to make during the entire divorce process. However, they may also be the most important. Your children’s future well-being will depend directly on your ability to come to a reasonable agreement with your spouse.  Law Office of Olga Suslova will assist you with post-divorce actions such as child support modification, child support collection, visitation issues, and denial of visitation.

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Surrogate’s Court
Prepare and File Petitions to Probate a Will: The process of probating a will is the formal process by which the Court determines a document has been proved to be the last will and testament of the decedent and officially appoints the executor or some other person to handle the distribution of the decedent’s property. Even if the will is not going to be probated, anyone who is in possession of the will of an individual who has died must bring the will to the Probate Court for filing.  Law offices of Olga Suslova will help the client to prepare and file petitions to probate the will.

Help Clients Obtain Testamentary and Administration Letters: The document called “Letters Testamentary” or “Letters of Administration” is a certificate evidencing your appointment and authority as personal representative. During the administration of the estate, certified copies of the Letters may be requested by banks, title companies, transfer agents, tax authorities and others.   Law Offices of Olga Suslova will obtain certified copies of the Letters for use when they are needed.

Assist Clients with Finding Missing Relatives: Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C. assists the clients with finding missing relatives by using expert skills and latest technology. Sometimes it seems practically impossible for an individual to find a missing relative. In order to achieve the best results, consult Olga Suslova, who utilizes available to her resources to make the search successful.

International Estate Locations and Search for Hidden Assets: In many cases, individuals do not reveal all the income that they earn, for example rental incomes, dividends, and interest from stocks. Virtually everything that belongs to the person can be construed as income or converted into income for your usage. You just have to know where to look and what to look for.  Law Office of Olga Suslova, P.C. will help the client locate international estate and search for hidden assets.

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Immigration Law     – Immigration Law articles »
Deportation and Removal Proceedings: Removal proceedings are the deportation of non-citizens who the government believes are not entitled to stay in the US, or to keep out individuals who do not have a right to enter the US . There are certain conditions which allow a person to avoid being deported. Olga Suslova will help the client to insure his remaining in the U.S.

Appeals of Immigration Decisions: If your application is refused, the Notice of Refusal will be provided to you, outlining the reasons for refusal. It will also state whether or not you have a right to appeal and time limit within which you must submit your appeal. In this case, you might need an assistance of an expert, Olga Suslova, who will help you construct a competent immigration appeal.

Political Asylum: Political Asylum could be granted to individuals residing in the U.S. and who are unable or unwilling to return to their native country because of persecution or fear of it. Olga Suslova will help the client to win the case and be granted an asylum, which will allow the client to live and work in the United States.

Battered Spouse Petitions: If you’ve become a victim of domestic violence committed against you by your citizen/greencard holder spouse, you may qualify for permanent residency even if you are separated from your citizen /greencard holder spouse and he/she is not willing to cooperate to help you to exchange your temporary greencard for a permanent one. Olga Suslova will help the client to collect necessary evidence in order to prove that the client qualifies for battered spouse provision.

Green Card through Employer: An immigrant is a foreign national who has been authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. If you want to become an immigrant based on the fact that you have a permanent employment opportunity in the United States, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor someone for lawful permanent residency based on permanent employment in the United States, you must go through a multi-step process. Olga Suslova will help the client to go through all necessary procedures in order to obtain green card through employment.

Student Visas, Exchange Visas: Applying for student and exchange visas is a long process that requires myriad documentations and filling out of applications. Olga Suslova will help the client go through the process in an expeditious and effective manner.

Family-Based Petitions: The family based petitions permit certain aliens to become U.S. permanent residents or U.S. citizens through family relations with U.S. green card holders or U.S. citizens. Olga Suslova’s objective is to assist the client in avoiding filling mistakes and know what to expect at USCIS Service Center during the I-130 Form processing.

Preparation and Representation at the immigration Interview: Immigration interview is an important event in an individual’s life, which determines if he/she will be granted permission to immigrate to another country. Olga Suslova helps the client prepare the necessary documents and represents the client at the immigration interview.

New York Commercial Litigation Lawyer
Affordable, Aggressive, Effective Solutions to any Disputes, personal and business.
From her office Brooklyn, New York, commercial litigation attorney Olga Suslova represents corporate and private clients involved in various civil litigation stemming from disputes over business relationships and transactions.

Commercial Litigation Services
Olga Suslova represents both plaintiffs and defendants in actions involving:

    Breach of contract
    Commercial fraud
    Unfair business practices
    Collections and creditor’s rights

Commercial litigation lawyer Olga Suslova recognizes the importance of advance planning with clients to avoid costly litigation. She also stresses the need for immediate and aggressive  representation from an experienced itigator capable of resolving business disputes in an efficient and affordable manner. Olga Suslova advises clients on developing the strategy to minimize the distraction to their business.

Contact an Experienced New York Attorney:
Contact NY commercial litigation lawyer Olga Suslova today for a case evaluation and review of possible legal strategies. Mrs. Suslova offers affordable rates and personal attention for clients seeking aggressive and effective legal representation for a business dispute.

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